Bittel - Guest Room Phone UNO Voice

Bittel Guest Room Phones - UNOVoice

Hotel/Guest Rooms Phones

Built to the industry's highest quality control standards in our own ISO 9001 certified factories, Bittel phones deliver outstanding value and quality, and are engineered for the demanding hospitality environment.

Special Features:

  1. Single and Two line configurations
  2. Optional 5/10 programming guest service keys
  3. Message waiting indicator compatible with all major hospitality PBXs
  4. Feature-restricted models for affordability and space considerations
  5. Autoconnect™, busy tone disconnect automatically
  6. Express Programmer™, Hand-held cloner and remote Master Cloner to program fast and accurately
  7. Large Push-draw printable faceplate area for branding and dialing instructions.
  8. PrivacyGuard™, the last dialed number disappeared after 5 minutes to protect guest's privacy
  9. Hold, Redial, Mute, Flash
  10. Speakerphone

Technical Parameters:

  1. Size: 191*179*92mm (L*W*H)
  2. Color: Black/Ivory

Our hassle-free faceplate design saves you time and money. Printing replacements is quick and easy!

Acrylic Surface, Elegant, Tidy, Non-deforming and Easy to Clean

Shandong Bittel Electronics Co., Ltd (Bittel) was founded in 1989 with more than 20 years experience in communication industry, which collects self-designing, developing, manufacturing and sales in one. Bittel is the leader to present multimedia applications in hospitality industry as well. From 1998, bittel start to operate the hotel phone business. By means of Four professional focusing strategy; professional design, professional manufacture, professional sales and professional service, Bittel became one of the two leading brands in the world after 10 years development with extinguished products and service.

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