Avantgarde Hotel Safety Steam Iron

Northmace - Avantgarde Hotel Safety Steam Iron (Eagle Forgings)

Hotel Bedroom Safety Iron

The ultimate Hotel Safety Iron for guest use.

  1. Guest friendly controls
  2. Integral Hotel Auto-Off timer safety feature – 30 seconds horizontal and 8 minutes vertical
  3. Non-stick “easy glide” stainless steel sole plate
  4. Auto-off indicator light
  5. Burst of steam and spray facilities
  6. Self-Clean feature
  7. Drip-stop function
  8. Anti-calc system
  9. Rubber power cord to help prevent cord damage

Power cord 3000mm (l) 305mm (l) x 125mm (w) x 160mm (h) (approximate dimensions)

Power: 220-240v 50Hz 2200W

Code: ASI

Colour: Black & Silver

Guarantee: 4 Years

Northmace & Hendon work with some of the world’s top designers to manufacture products that are designed for hotel use. Not fashion products, but professional and sustainable products designed and built to last with timeless appeal.

Northmace & Hendon design and manufacture market-leading professional hotel bedroom products that enhance the hotel guest’s experience. Our team’s passion for designing and manufacturing products that improve the guest’s experience makes Northmace & Hendon the brand of choice for hoteliers in over 100 countries around the world

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